All apartments are confirm the quality and standards required by Paris Room Rental WHO IS PARIS ROOM RENTAL?

Our Mission

Paris Room Rental was created by Bernard and Rudy.
The main reason for this website is to have Bernard's 2 Parisian apartments available for short term rentals and at a cheaper price than on other websites as there is no booking fee, this is not only more advantageous for Bernard, but also for you, the Tenants.

Since our start, we have added a dozen new rental flats from friends who were interested in joining forces to offer their accommodation without the substantial online booking fees.
This, ofcourse, is as interesting for us as for the Tenants, as we can offer more options in accommodation, prices, location and availability dates.

No Rental Agency

We like to point out that we are not a rental agency but a collection of independent owners who have decided to share our unique Paris properties with you.

For you & you only

So if you are either holiday people, families on vacation, city hoppers, business people, expats, travelers, students or a married couple on a honeymoon, Paris Room Rental can offer you the most exclusive furnished apartments in Paris for the best rates.

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Need help or advice?

Need help or advice?

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